Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Carnival of Homeschooling #444: Countdown to Summer Edition

Welcome to the 444th Carnival of Homeschooling, which is posted on Canada's 147th birthday!  This week it's all about the numbers.

At The Happy Housewife, a mom of 10 tells how to deal with Necessary Homeschool Interruptions.

On SimpleHomeschool.net, guest poster Sarah points out the benefits of Wasting Time. "I want to squeeze everything possible out of every minute of my day — it’s probably a personality thing. If I know the soup won’t be ready for 10 minutes, I try to squeeze in a reading lesson with one child while telling another to set the table. Oh, and perhaps I could nurse the twins while I’m at it."

"It has been 9 years since I had a student going into Ambleside Online's Year 8. You forget a lot in 9 years."  Dewey's Treehouse presents Plans for Year 8.

Eclectic Momma explains the 7 Reasons Why I Decided to Try Year-Round Schooling.

A Guide to Raising Great Kids presents The 6 Things To Tell Your Children Participating in Sports

Natural Born Learners says that We Are All Unschoolers.  "I also learned this sort of ‘do it yourself’ you can do this from my mother, a creative, inventive person, skilled as a tailor and pattern maker (self educated) who has a high-school level but who has never doubted that any of her 5 daughters could do what ever we set our minds to."

Christine, a regular Carnival contributor from her own blog, checks in from the 4th floor of her public library (where she and her kids helped out with a book sale).

Journey and Destination went on a nature walk to see the 3 Sisters and find 3 types of lichen.

At Home & School presents  3 Words You Need to Learn to Say.

Practical Pages presents a photographic review of their work with Zoology 3 Land Animals.

A Peaceful Day shows us the stack of books they've finished at the end of Term 2, in Coming to the End

And Smockity Frocks reminds us of how much difference person can make, in On Planting Seeds.

And one unnumbered and serious concern:  Why Homeschool presents It is a Mystery, about a visual processing disorder causing problems for a child.  They are hoping that someone out there can help.

Thanks to everyone who submitted posts or gave us permission to include theirs!  Next week's carnival will be hosted at The HSBA Post.

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